Bioscience Tutorial for Higher Education

About Us

IQ Education was established on 1st January 2009. It is purely a science-based tutorial. It was founded as a project born from a dream. A dream, where all students, who are just out of school and entering the world of competition, can take over their lives and steadily proceed towards a successful career. Where the confused and scared become confident and brave. Where all doubt is cleared and what remains is only true and complete understanding of the subject.

At IQ Higher Science we teach and tutor courses like Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Genetic Engineering. We specialize in taking care of the complex honors papers which change every semester. At IQ Junior Science we tutor Biology and Biotechnology subjects at the school level. All classes are concept oriented, complemented with study materials, e-books and multimedia animations. Students get access to the vast collection of text books as well as rare reference books from our library. The teachers pay special attention on building the answer writing skills of the students. After all great results can come only from great performances. The teachers are highly qualified individuals with experience and understanding of their respective areas of study.

IQ Education also provides students exposure to hands-on training to get them ready for the Biotechnology Industry growing rapidly in India. Students can join the one month training programme after every semester.

IQ Higher Science is proud to launch the National Exam Coaching from 2014 for all Bioscience students who want to take admission into M.Sc Biotechnology at Central Universities in India.

IQ Education provides complete knowledge to every student and carefully guides them through the very critical beginning days of their career.