Bioscience Tutorial for Higher Education

IQ Higher Science (Certificate Training Program)

We organize a special training program for our students of IQ Education. The training modules are specially designed by experts keeping in mind the students curriculum and industry demands. This training is provided by renowned Biotechnology Companies and Organizations in and around Kolkata. It includes hands-on practical knowledge and handling modern industrial equipments of Biotechnology and Microbiology Industry.

Training Modules:

≡  Plant Tissue Culture
≡  Animal Cell culture
≡  Industrial Microbiology
≡  Immunological Techniques
≡  Modern Molecular Techniques in Biology
≡  Immunological Techniques
≡  Recombinant DNA Technology
≡  DNA Sequencing
≡  Biochemistry Industrial Training
≡  Course on IPR
≡  Quality Control of food items
≡  Dairy Technology
≡  Clinical Genetics
≡  Human Genetics and Cytogenetic
≡  Fermentation Technology

Duration: »
15 days, 1 month, 2 months & 6 months
Certificate Course.

Times »
After semester exams


1.  Students get an exposure to the Industry approach.
2.  It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.
3.  Students get hands-on practice of Biotech and Microbio tools and high-tech instruments
4.  It helps them to be confident and skilled.
5.  A trained and skilled candidate is always more desirable to the Biotechnology and Microbiology related companies.

Submit application form and fee for registration into Training Program.

Collect your Recommendation letter from IQ Education.

Attend the Training at one of the Institutes we organize.

Submit Project Report

Collect Certificate on completion of training